Cat Face Massager
Cat Face Massager
Cat Face Massager

Cat Face Massager

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With the Cat Face Massager in hand, your cat will think you’re a purrfessional masseuse! If your cat loves having their head and face scratched or pet (which most cats adore), the Cat Face Massager is the ideal tool for you. Simply place the rollers on either side of your cat’s face and gently roll back and forth. It’s grooming like your cat has never had before – and he’ll love you for it! Give your cat the spa day they deserve. It’s tough being a cat, after all!



  • Well, if you are a pet lover, you will need this tool!
  • Easy to Use: Simply put it in front of their head and glide it gently over their head and neck
  • Multi-use: This cat face massage roller isn’t just for cats – dogs can also benefit from its soothing effects, and even humans, too!


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    Material Plastic ABS
    Size 24.5 x 4.5 cm


    Cat Face Massager